Jack Mizel

CEO, Institute of Sales Management

Jack Mizel - CEO of the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) – joined the organisation in early 2016 and is widely acknowledged by the industry as an exponent of sales excellence and thought leadership.

Prior to joining the ISM he worked in sales for over 30 years, including advertising sales, events and sponsorship This included the building of Profile Pursuit Ltd, which he took from a small private company and built it into a transatlantic Plc contract publishing business, which was sold for £30 million.

Jack believes, with the right attitude and sales skills, if nurtured and developed in the right way, can genuinely be transformative and enable people from all walks of life to thrive and excel. He is now working tirelessly to raise the value of sales by helping change its perception to one that is desirable, one that is sought after, and one where sales people are given the recognition they and the profession deserves.

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Raising The Value of Sales: A Force for Good

A career in sales is like no other. Not only is it financially rewarding, but it gives people resilience, determination and drive. Attributes which are useful in all aspects of life. But if people don''t view it as an attractive career - and firms cannot fill vacant roles - that''s not just bad for business, it''s bad for all of us. We intend to change that and show that sales is a “force for good”