Hendrik Isebaert


Hendrik started his career at Procter and Gamble. Having worked both in sales and marketing he experienced first-hand the impact of aligning both sales and marketing strategies to better enable the sales force. After a period spent in consulting and an MBA in the US, Hendrik joined Showpad to further build on his passion for sales enablement and the impact it can have on corporate strategies and results.

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The death of the salesman

Over the last couple of years, an increasing percentage of B2B sales reps have
failed to hit their quota. This worrying trend can be attributed, in part, to a decrease in the “knowledge gap” between sellers and buyers as the latter are able to do the majority of their research before engaging with the sales rep.
The sales reps that are most successful are those who succeed at adding value to the conversation. In his talk, Hendrik will explore these and other trends in depth and provide some perspective on how companies that radically align their sales and marketing departments succeed at enabling their sales reps to have the kind of conversations their buyers actually value. A powerful tool in doing so is to surface real-time data to sales and marketing executives to help them set effective Go-to- Market strategies.