Gavin Ingham-ISM Fellow

Keynote Speaker for The Institute of Sales Management (ISM)

As sales and mental toughness expert from a high-pressure background, my passion is to understand what makes high-performance teams and individuals tick. I provoke audiences to think about business and life in a whole new way. My ‘I am 10’ philosophy on business and on life gives practical strategies for taking positive action that help people to be more motivated, more successful and get better results.

I have given over 1,200 paid talks to over 150,000 delegates and spoken all over Europe, the US and Africa. This includes three times speaking at the the Institute of Sales Management’s conference and being a judge for the BESMA Awards. I have also appeared on The Brian Tracy TV Show on ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox. Attend my talk, I know what it takes to add value for you and your business and to help you to make more sales.

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Story Selling For Leaders. Elite communication strategies that influence and change minds

Would you like your communications with clients, teams and stakeholders to be more influential? Your presentations to have more impact? And your conversations to create stronger connections and be more motivational and persuasive?

Getting people to open up to you emotionally, whether that is your clients, your staff or even your family, is the key to encouraging them to take action. I use my ‘Story Selling’ principles to practically illustrate how you can have the emotional resonance with the people you want to influence so that they not only remember your stories but take action and pass them on.

If you are a leader, salesperson or just someone who wants to communicate more effectively, this session is a must.