Craig Goldblatt

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

I am Craig Goldblatt and for the last two decades I have built a sustainable charity in West Africa, delivered in excess of 700 Inspirational keynote speeches and presentations both in the UK and internationally. I have been on a challenging emotional journey personally and my ability to engage promotes intellectual wellbeing and leadership growth to empower people to truly live with passion.

I have an insatiable energy and passion to connect and am lucky enough to have travelled the world speaking, enabling my own personal clarity and growth, enriching each presentation.

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Leading with Passion

Craig invites an incredible deep dive into who you are. An opportunity to look at how you wish to live your life. At a practical level, he’s great at supporting to find your innate skill, identity, beliefs about yourself and your purpose for living. During his speeches, he teaches of our intention, purpose for living, the beliefs of excellence, behaviours and the right internal environment for financial and emotional success.