Anthony Leaper

Senior Vice President of SAP

Anthony is responsible globally for the go to market, sales growth and business development of SAP’s Collaboration and Communities Platforms; focused on influencing the delivery and sales of collaborative innovation to SAP’s prospects and customers. Anthony is responsible for developing SAP’s market opportunity for modern Intranet Experiences and Collaborative Processes that deliver measurable value, enabling companies to transform their workplaces and maximise the value they gain from digital transformation efforts.

Prior to this Anthony was responsible for the Solution Management and Go to Market activities of SAP’s Customer Experience Solutions and was recognized for his thought leadership in the areas of CRM and Customer Experience, pushing innovation to improve customer insight and intimacy in a way that delights and exceeds expectations.

Anthony joined SAP in 2009 from Oracle where he was Head of CRM On Demand Product Management for Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Responsible for business development and growth. Prior to Oracle’s acquisition of Siebel, Anthony was Siebel’s Chief Technology Director for EMEA, where he designed and developed Siebel''s Information Technology Strategy offering and was universally recognised as a leading authority on Siebel’s solutions and technology.

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Covering the approaches to turning around a declining business, generating the belief and culture that you can succeed in order to stop attrition and return to growth.
Then to achieve results exploiting the opportunities for growth across a bigger business or market segment when the environment supporting that growth then continuously changes.
When the key to your success is sales teams understanding your value proposition but that positioning changes faster than you can rewrite the sales boot camp.
How using technology to maintain and drive a pulse on constant execution focus and yet having to deal with the need to change that focus constantly.
This is a reality across so many businesses today so how do you change operating practices in your sales approaches for today’s realities, what technologies can help, how do you change the relationship between your teams and your customers so everyone can keep up with what’s happening, react to those sudden situations that can destroy future results.