• Tiffani Bova

    Being a High Performing Sales Organization Requires a Hard Reset on Conventional Thinking

    Regardless of what has worked in the past, the unintended consequences of both technology advancement and buyer behavior is wreaking havoc

  • Tamara Schenk

    How To Set-Up “Customer-Core” Enablement Strategies To Drive Outstanding Performance

    In an ever-changing, buyer-driven world, the relevance of sales enablement to drive sales performance becomes more important every day. Enablement has

  • Joanne Black

    Stop Cold Calling: Get the One-Call Referral Meeting

    Turn up the heat on your prospecting and attract your best and most profitable clients. Get every meeting at the

  • Dr. Tony Alessandra

    How to Read a Customer Like a Book

    Get ready for an entertaining, interactive and insightful program delivered by NSA Hall-of-Fame keynote speaker, Dr. Tony Alessandra. In this powerful

  • Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

    `Increase Your Success Velocity™`

    Velocity is your rate of advancement toward your goal. Jim Cathcart will show you how to decrease the inhibitors and multiply

  • Barbara Giamanco

    Social Selling to the C-Suite

    In this interactive session, Barbara Giamanco, one of the first evangelists of leveraging social media in sales, wakes you up to

  • Colleen Francis

    Nonstop Sales Boom: Putting an End to Boom-and-Bust Sales Cycles

    How many times have you or someone on your team come off a great month or quarter, only to find that

  • Bernadette McClelland

    Conscious Selling And The Art of Commercial Conversations

    We know ''sales'' has changed! We know sellers want new conversations! Conscious Selling is not just being awake on the job;

  • Tony J Hughes

    The Great Sales Disruption And What To Do About It

    Between 40% and 66% of sales people fail to achieve their numbers In B2B selling. Every seller is facing disruption as

  • Cian McLoughlin

    Rebirth of the Sales Industry

    Rebirth of the Sales Industry will explore the unprecedented change and disruption underway in the B2B sales industry, as new technologies

  • Christian Maurer

    The terms B2B and B2C have become obsolete, haven`t they?

    Are the Marketers right who have done away with the distinction between B2B and B2C and use only the all-encompassing term

  • Deb Calvert

    Transcending the Transaction: Are You Enabling or Disabling Customer Connections?

    Are you guilty of making 3 big mistakes… inadvertently disabling your sales team by forcing commoditization and transactional selling? Join this

  • Mark Hunter

    `HOW TO` Increase Prospecting Results for Sales Leaders

    It is critical to drive better results from your sales team. Mark Hunter has had global success in helping sales leaders

  • Gavin Ingham

    Be More, Do More, Share More: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

    Are you finding it ever harder to achieve real connection with customers, convince them of the value you add and make

  • Jason Jordan

    Sales Management and CRM: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

    CRM has been around for decades, but what has it given us?

  • Ken Krogue

    Sales in the Cloud

    Ken will discuss how advancements in technology and analytics have forever changed the business landscape. Gone is the image of the

  • Mike Scher

    How You Can Create a Predictable Pipeline and Crush Your Quota

    By 2017, an estimated $30+ billion will be spent on Sales Acceleration tools, as every sales team is trying to solve

  • Phil M Jones

    Persuasion and influence secrets of the Superstars

    You have all witnessed people in your teams and organisations that massively outperform the others. Discover practical, simple and powerful

  • Rob Brown

    Abundant Referrals: How to Get Your Network to Sell You and Refer You!

    You've built your network and have good customers/clients. Now you just need to inspire them to recommend you to their network.

  • Alison Edgar

    From zero to sales hero, you can do it too!

    Alison Edgar, voted one of the UK`s top 10 business advisors, has been featured in publications such as the Sunday Times,

  • Pete Evans

    Creating A Culture of Excellence In Your Sales Teams

    In this highly entertaining session, Pete Evans will share with the audience the key principles which will help create a culture

  • Phil Olley

    Guerrilla Tactics for Sales Breakthroughs

    In the New World Order, gaining competitive advantage is about how you and your team approach sales. Phil will inspire you

  • Marcus Eden-Ellis

    Ten things you need to know about writing winning bids.

    A presentation offering insights into why some bids win contracts and others fail. Bid Perfect trains bid writers for some of

  • Shea Heer

    Would you buy from you? - Back to Basics

    No rocket science, no sales gimmicks, this is about making the basics work! Shea will address the famous question `what makes

  • Alan Versteeg

    The imbalance in Sales Enablement

    No amount of training, no amount of technology and no amount of consulting will have any sustainable impact on your sales

  • Shelley Walters

    Differentiated Conversations - Escaping the Sea of Sameness

    In the critical moment when sales people need to be the most convincing, 9/10 times they are not. Recent research suggests

  • Jas Hawker

    Sales Excellence from the Red Arrows

    What do high performance teams all have in common?

  • Vonley Joseph

    Get Britain Selling

    5 C's selling model is proven to get your new sales recruits delivering and sustaining results in record time.

  • Mark Erskine

    Unlocking The Power of Adaptive Selling using Behavioural Profiling

    Developments in Neuroscience over recent years have enabled sales professionals to better understand how buyers and sellers engage with each other

  • Gordon McAlpine

    Secret Millionaire’s Sales Guide to Success

    As a successful entrepreneur who appeared on C4’s “The Secret Millionaire”, Gordon built and sold his technology company BigHand.

  • Lee Chadwick

    Lifting the covers on data driven sales and marketing tactics to improve business performance

  • Oscar Macia

    The Key to Building a High-Performance Sales Team

    What does it take to motivate your sales team and be an effective sales leader? Sales managers often focus too much

  • Andreas Lalangas

    Smart, collaborative tech makes you beat the competitors

    Get insights in what unifies the most successful sales teams globally and how can you utilise modern technology to replicate their

  • Nadeem Shaikh

    Recognising your leadership style & adapting it to your team

  • Martin Zeman

    How Smart Companies Use Data to Sell More

  • Bob Etherington

    “Sales Manager to ‘Leader’ in 30 Secret Minutes”

    Deciding to change to Sales Leader can easily double or triple your team’s sales performance in 12 months.

  • Andy Gwynn

    How to Gain More Business Through Your Use of Linkedin

    NO MORE COLD CALLS OR TRYING TO GET AROUND THE GATEKEEPER With over 17 million UK profiles you need to learn how

  • Jim Ninivaggi

    Competency-Based Sales Enablement

  • Liam Ryan

    The coming revolution of sales and marketing

  • Robert Norum

    Data. Insight. Action. Boosting Sales With Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    ABM is a hot topic for modern B2B marketer’s, but why? The idea of delivering bespoke campaigns, targeted at specific sets

  • Nicola Hartland


    Online and social platforms can build strong awareness of your brand, but it is telemarketing with its direct and personal approach

  • Dr. Peter Hughes

    Sex and the Psychology of Fertile Brands

    What can seduction strategies tell us about how brands are built and the best strategies for selling them? Why is ‘authenticity’

  • Karen Dunne-Squire

    The Most Profitable Relationship You Will Ever Build

  • Karen Dunne-Squire

    Supercharge Your Sales Performance – A Proven Method

  • Brian Dunne

    Happy Customers Are Built In The Boardroom

    Who owns customer happiness? Marketing? Sales? Customer service? Or does customer satisfaction start from the boardroom? We’ll discuss how a

  • Kevin Beales

    Creating A Coaching Culture In Your Sales Teams

    According to Forbes, 74% of leading companies cite coaching and mentoring of sales reps as the most important role front-line sales

  • Scott Barnsley

    Juicing The Sales Funnel Goodness

    For any sales team, converting qualified leads into paying customers is a top funnel priority. But with average conversion rates as

  • James Beveridge

    Top tips for making sales videos that don’t suck

    In a world of soul-destroying talking heads videos, how do you create knockout video content that empowers sales teams and actually

  • Elizabeth Fulham

    Internet is exploding – How to find your sales leads online

    Less than 1% of the active Internet is eCommerce i.e. 1.7M websites and growing. For sales executives, it’s often like searching

  • Murray Cowell

    How Automating Your Email Marketing Can Feed Your Sales Force With Piping Hot Leads

    The sales and marketing process has permanently changed. Increasingly, customers research their purchases extensively online before they even contact suppliers. This means

  • Martin Moran

    Powering Sales Growth With Data Science

    Martin will share how predictive analytics are becoming essential to the intelligent sales process. As we search for competitive differentiation, the

  • Josh Aarons

    Aligning Sales and Marketing for Explosive Businesses Growth

    Josh explains how aligning Sales and Marketing allows businesses to market, share insights and close business more effectively, whilst provide the

  • Stephen Jones

    How to reliably predict sales performance

    Every business needs to grow sales and recruit successful salespeople, but despite this, most salespeople fail. Sales headcount turnover is

  • George Brontén

    Can checklists save the sales profession?

    The sales profession is in a massive decline. Sales people can no longer “wing it” to bring in enough deals to

  • Russell Acton

    Disappearing World - A practical ‘survival guide'' for a modern day Enterprise Sales Person

    Over the last 30 years the world of the Enterprise sales person and sales manager has changed profoundly… even more dramatically

  • Daniel Leigh Smith

    A Strong Proposition - The Cornerstone of Business Growth

    How many propositions actually focus on the customers you’re looking to engage with? Over 20 minutes this seminar will explore the

  • Billy Lyle

    Motivate your sales team to use CRM and win more business

    All too often CRM systems are imposed on sales teams, this means that the team tend to only put in the

  • Darren Lewis

    Account based selling - what the top performing sales professionals do

    In a survey of over 1500 sales and marketing professionals we found that over 89% of respondents said that generating quality

  • Gary Salisbury

    Sales Effectiveness - Reach further, be more personal, and sell more

    Social has made everything immediate and personal. We live in a ‘three clicks and it’s done’ world. Big business has the

  • Cormac Murphy

    10% Sales Uplift in 10 Weeks - GUARANTEED

    We explain how some new tools can be used in combination to achieve an increase in sales effectiveness that is sustainable

  • Steve Cass

    Build a record breaking sales team using DISC profiling

    DISC profiling is used by HR, Learning & Development and recruiters worldwide. A method to determine personality styles, enabling you to

  • Rick Baker

    Building Efficacy Amidst the Rising tide of Efficiency

    The power of technology has streamlined many manual tasks through the use of CRM, Marketing Automation, etc., which are critical for

  • Erik Peterson

    Good Intentions, Wrong Instincts: A Counterintuitive Approach to Message Differentiation

    Traditional thinking can be your biggest hurdle to creating differentiation in your customer conversations. In this session, Corporate Visions’ Erik Peterson

  • Peter Coyle

    Just answer the f***ing question!

    We take a look at what makes a winning bid responses from an evaluator’s perspective. This seminar will help you to

  • Andrew Tarcy

    Unleash Artificial Intelligence to Sell More Effectively

    The Internet of Things and Big Data have massively increased the volume of data available at our fingertips in recent years

  • Jaakko Paalanen

    How sales tech is disrupting the role of marketing in 2016

    The line between marketing and sales is getting blurrier every second. New-era sales tools enable sales reps to generate leads by

  • Jeremy Straker

    Winning Tactics: What Successful Leaders Have In Common

    Having worked at market-leading global organisations, leading sales teams, Jeremy has encountered numerous sales winners, and a few failures. In all