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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Sales Mastery Magazine

Sales Mastery magazine is the go-to source for sales professionals worldwide to help them improve their selling skills, be the best they can be at selling, and ultimately achieve their goals.

It is a monthly digital magazine which features articles covering hard sales skills such as value-selling, perfect sales presentations, and closing techniques, as well as soft sales skills like influence strategy, building rapport with clients, and mental game management. We also feature sales events and useful resources for sales professionals.

Articles are written by sales experts from across the globe who are highly skilled in various aspects of sales and selling.
Previous issues have featured top sales experts such as US-based Jeb Blount and the world’s top sales guru Tom Hopkins as well as some of the UK’s biggest names in sales such as Gavin Ingham and Bob Etherington.

You can find Sales Mastery magazine on the iTunes newsstand and in the Google Play Store.
To find out more about Sales Mastery magazine and/or download our free app visit: Sales Mastery Magazine or get in touch with us at:

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