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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Supercharge B2B Lead Generation With Targeted Data

If you want to focus on sales effectiveness, your answer is data.

Data plays a critical role in the success or failure of B2B lead generation strategies. Let’s first understand one fundamental point – whether your main source of leads is through inbound or outbound marketing, we can all agree that we want to attract the right kind of audience.

In marketing or sales, for lead generation, you need to ensure that you’re using the right content, through the right medium and at the right time.

While we needn’t reinvent the wheel, it is nevertheless true that without the right data, your efforts will always go wasted.


What is the main reason for this?

The main point here is that “globalization” is playing its role in helping us in becoming better and better at sales development representatives and marketeers.

Rest assured, nowadays B2B data can certainly help you get that competitive edge. But which kind of data is the question you need to ask yourself? 

Truth is that Augmented B2B data is a growing need. It’s also important to note that at this moment despite all the hype we see revolving around artificial intelligence (AI), the requirement for human verified B2B data is ever-existent.

Reason is when it comes to key data points required for custom requests (which is normal in the data industry) AI steps down and human intelligence becomes a must.

Lead generation can get difficult when you are unsure about your account information. This leads us to understand why account-based marketing is so successful. When we focus on a particular account, we have a better chance of delivering and achieving customer success.

Lead Generating or Exterminating?

It’s safe to say that if more companies knew what you were selling and what your value offering is they would definitely consider your product if not purchase from you.

This doesn’t mean targeting everyone you believe might be your customer. Your lead generation needs to be super-focused and for that, you must have a targeted ideal customer profile and multiple buyer personas.

Account based marketing (ABM) would never have thrived so much if it wasn’t for data.

There is no harm in experimenting in order to understand whom you should target as a part of your B2B lead generation strategies. However, you should always be fair with your approach and respect your prospect. Or you may as well be “lead exterminating”.

Truth is, if you don’t have a proper strategy, you will lose more than you will gain.

You could call this lead extermination because you are not only losing a prospect, but your brand image and overall perception are also negatively affected. Think of it this way – would you appreciate a cold caller who did his homework or another one who just has a scripted approach and limited information about you?

If you are leaning towards the former than it’s not just you, it’s everyone.

When bad data can cost only the U.S. a staggering $3 trillion per year then you can bet that bad B2B sales data has affected businesses intrinsic value which plays a huge factor in all of this.


Whatever you choose to do for your B2B lead generation strategy, keep experimenting in order to know what works best. Try some new tactics mentioned here and integrate a custom B2B data plan to get started today.

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Contributor: Moaaz, Marketing Executive, Cloudlead