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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Web Visitor Identification: Instant growth? Or Digital Quackery?


From the early days of all things internet, when getting online almost required planning-permission, web design and content-creation has changed from being expensive wizardry practiced by the capable few who were paying attention, to a readily available, ‘off-the-shelf’ commodity.  

The fact remains that high-exposure websites still carry a heavy price tag with heavy investment in drawing traffic required. Yet few websites truly fulfil their potential.


So what does visitor identification bring to the party?

Web visitor analytics services like IPFingerprint, that tell you who interacts with your website and how, offer the opportunity to lift the hood on web-traffic to identify web-visitors and feed fresh, relevant leads to your sales team as a means of converting the low-hanging-fruit right under your nose.

But is it really that straight forward? Is visitor identification the lead-gen silver bullet it claims to be?

Let’s accept the honest truth – identifying web-visitors isn’t guaranteed business. Also, it’s not the right strategy for every business and we certainly won’t sell you that illusion; however, with the right setup, web visitor analytics can become an indispensable contributor to growth and a bolt-on to your sales model that you eventually might not imagine being without.

The success of website visitor identification depends on a couple of things….

Volume and relevance of web traffic:
Take the time to research your target market and asses options for drawing their attention. This might be targeted Facebook ads, blogging, AdWords… and all that good stuff. Once your traffic levels are above the 250 unique visitors per month, with around 10% as a minimum comprising of business traffic, then there will be sufficient potential for visitor identification to become sustainable.

Industry etiquette:
Think about the rules of engagement in your industry. Is telesales outreach appropriate? Or do you sell through referral and the long-game project pitch?
For example, a top boutique PR agency likely won’t deploy telesales to follow-up web-hits at a one-to-one level. Equally, a manufacturer of industrial equipment won’t wine and dine a potential client.

Each belongs to a market with a specific code of conduct; yet each may still find profitable application in web-visitor identification solutions like IPFingerprint.

For the PR agency - the value is in collating detailed analytics of the businesses visiting. Armed laser-focused insight, they can seed the market with high-impact campaigns targeting all the businesses that have viewed a specific product.

For the industrial manufacturer – the value of a converted lead can be astronomical and the industry etiquette will likely permit one-by-one visit follow-up outreach. To facilitate this, IPFingerprint provides user-specific Lead Scoring and Scheduled Reports to feed specific web-visit leads to the right sales individuals.


Who are the typical buyers of your services?

Contacting the right persons, with or without visitor identification, is essential. While visitor ID won’t deliver details of individual visitors (part of the reason IPFingerprint will be GDPR compliant), there are powerful lead-research methods that could enable your team to reliably connect with the decision-maker individuals behind visits… and we can teach you how.

If you work with blue-chips with persons of 10 different remits that might take an interest in what you offer, then things get a little trickier though not impossible with a little time and a subscription to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

If, however, you’re interested in speaking only with CEOs or marketing managers, then you’d be surprised how easy it is to ID and speak with the actual person behind a visit or at least discover them by proxy through a colleague of theirs to then connect with them, build the conversation and do business that might not have otherwise happened.

Ultimately, web-visitor identification is about understanding web-visitor browsing habits and  maximisation of opportunity and ensuring efficiency of your own process before you knocking on doors to buy unproven data from others. Once certain things are in place, services like IPFingerprint can genuinely galvanise business growth while helping to maintain high morale and staff retention in your sales team by giving them every chance to exceed target while enriching their role with a little detective work following a web-visit.

If you’re new to visitor identification and would like a consultation, or if you’ve tried automated solutions and would like to test a bespoke alternative that could dig out even more leads from your web traffic, drop us a line and we’d be glad to chat.  

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