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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


The Secret To Sales Success – Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my 3-part series celebrating my third year supporting the Sales Innovation Expo in 2018! These 3 blogs will highlight what I believe to be the core secrets to success in sales. The secrets have helped propel my sales career to great heights, achieving multiple top seller awards and progressing all the way to the top of the ladder.

In the first part of this series, I discussed the importance of “Dedication” and how your ability to truly dedicate yourself to your product, company and customer is crucial to achieving sales success. If you can fully immerse yourself in serving your customers and providing them with the best possible service, it’s the first big step in achieving sales success.

Today I want to talk about a very important component of success in sales and it has a lot to do with this guy…

One thing that I learned very on is that every customer is different. Whether it’s their background, the way they talk, what they enjoy, the way they work, they will be different in so many different ways. Whilst you may be able to enjoy talking about the local sports team to one of your customers the other may have no interest in sport at all. If you were, however, to try and talk sports to both customers you risk a chance of losing one of them.

This is where the chameleon comes in….

My 2nd secret to sales success is the importance of mastering the ability to ADAPT.

You need to be able to go from talking sports with one customer to talking about hiking with the next, and then onto discussing literature with another. You could be talking about Manchester United in the morning and then Shakespeare in the afternoon.

One of the best techniques I was taught was around mirroring your customers. Mirror the way they talk and the way they act to allow them to feel comfortable. If they’re talking in a relaxed manner and you start getting over excited with long words, there will be a disconnect. If they’re talking very proper and professional, then mirror that. If they’re more relaxed, then mirror that.

Just like the chameleon adapts its colours to its surroundings, as a sales professional you need to adapt to your customers.

Where this tip then goes a step further is with the importance for sales professionals to also adapt to the landscape that they are selling into and the tools that they use.

The world around us is constantly changing, technology is advancing, the way people buy is changing and the tools that salespeople have to use is rapidly advancing. The most successful sales professionals are often the ones who make the best use of the tools around them. That’s not to say they use everything, what they’ll do is find the ones that work best for them and deliver them the best results.

For example, your customers might be far more engaging and responsive on social media than they are through cold calling and email. The sales people that struggle or refuse to adapt will end up losing out to the salespeople who do. If your customers prove to do a heavy amount of research beforehand, but your website isn’t good and you’re not appearing at the top of a search engine, you will miss out to all the other companies who have adapted to that.

Elite athletes use a suite of technology to analyse and break down their performance. They use that to then learn, adapt and improve what they do. We now have some amazing tools out there for salespeople that watch what they do, analyse it and help you find ways to do even better! The best salespeople out there will be investing time and money into understanding which ones are best for their business and utilising them.


Part one of this series was about the importance to dedicate yourself to your product and customer. Part two has been about the importance of adapting to both your customer and the tools to sell. Part three will be about how you bring these together to help smash your sales targets month after month! Make sure you follow the Sales Innovation Expo on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to see the next and final part of this series first.