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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


How to use Instagram to get Money Rolling-In!

Instagram is now considered as one of the social media giants for a reason. According to its recent announcement, it has over 500 million monthly active users and with this number of active users it could be the biggest marketing channel to generate sales.

Just a glance at an Instagram account and you’ll find numerous big brands sharing their product photos. Since, it’s a great photo-sharing platform have the opportunity to gain high visibility for your brand, all just by sharing some great pictures of your product.

Ideas on how to market your brand and increase sales!

  • Post Creative Images -Since, Instagram is all about images thus, posting attention-grabbing images is the key to success! Make sure that the picture you are posting should match your overall branding and business strategy. A great place to find good high-resolution pictures are the royalty-free websites where you can find best quality pictures according to your selected category, all for free!

  • Engage People Through Contests - Online contest campaigns are a proven strategy to accelerate your brand awareness and sales. They play an important role for customer engagement and help you connect with your potential buyers. Usually, you can run 3 types of contests at Instagram:

  • Like and Win (users are only required to like your photos), which increases the popularity of your brand!

  • Email gated (users need to send their emails). You get to collect potential customers email addresses first-hand!

  • Hashtag UGC (users will submit a photo with your hashtag), which gets your brand trending over social media!

  • Spread Exclusive Information - Make your customers feel special!  Always update your followers with something unique yet exclusive, it’s not always necessary to inform them about exclusive sales offers, promotional codes and discounts only, apart from how they can save on your brand, you may also inform them about other exclusive deals like:

  • Free product or free product trial

  • Exclusive behind the scene videos

  • Your employee’s stories or images

  • Responding to Comments is the key to grab the potential customer - If your followers are commenting on your posts or talking about your product it means you are in luck and you should never miss the opportunity to engage with them. Always respond to your followers’ comments because this indicates that people are taking interest in your brand. If you are getting too many comments, to respond quickly, you may also go for a virtual assistant to respond instantly to your followers.

  • Know what to trend and how to trend using #Hashtags - Take full advantage of hashtags and do research on hashtags your competitors are using. Instagram is completely different from Facebook and Twitter where more than two hashtags decreases the engagement. Instagram allows you to use more hashtags to get more engagement. If you are unclear about what hashtags to use you can read your competitor’s hashtags to get a clear idea for your niche.

  • Connecting With Instagram Influencers - Influencers are the Instagram “gurus” who already have a well-known reputation and established audience. They have number of followers and people rely on them for product recommendations. You can take the advantage by connecting with them and ask them for your brand or product promotion.

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