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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Top 4 Must Have Sales Tools!

Understanding your customers:

Keeping your sales process streamlined is one of the most daunting processes for both small and medium-sized businesses. In order to focus on the most important sales tasks, you need the right tools that can make a clear difference between your success and your failure!

Here is a list of our most favourite tools that will save you both time and money:

Sales Tracking Tools:


A CRM software is something that provides an array of benefits to both small and medium-sized businesses. CRM keeps a track of each and every customer including their names, number, email id, LinkedIn profile, website and more. It also keeps a record of every interaction you have with them. It allows you to see the conversation and everything you talked about at a glance. In addition, CRM also indicates that how often they visit your website and purchase your products. CRM facility is affordable, measurable, faster and mobile compatible.

e-Document Tools

Save time and invest in a software that can send proposals and contracts easily. It also gives the opportunity to the clients to sign the contract as well. There is a number of e-signature tools available which help to streamline your workflow and bring money into your bank account faster.

Sales Management Tools:

Inventory And Order Management Tool

For manufacturers and traders, an inventory management system can do wonders! It helps you keep records of your stocks, purchases, sale orders and warehouse information all integrated into one place. These systems mostly come with barcode scanning, re-order alerts and reporting, so you can get your inventory organized and stay updated with its stock level, manage re-orders and keep your business running smoothly, all the time.

Invoicing Software

Invoicing Software makes it easier to start and finish the payment process and prepare invoices in no time. Most invoice tools allow you to create templates for repeated use. You can customize your templates in accordance with your logo and personalize your Thank You emails. It also helps your client to pay faster with the direct debit facility so you get your payment on time every time.

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