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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


The Secrets of Sales Success - Part #1

March 21st & 22nd 2018 will mark the third year that myself and The Daily Sales have worked with the Sales Innovation Expo so to recognise this I’m going to be writing a 3-part blog series about the secrets to sales success!

These 3 blogs will reveal the secrets that have helped me top sales leaderboards, help me secure company breaking sales deals and lead sales teams to success.

They will centre around what I believe to be the 3 key components of true sales success. These are the three things that have been at the core of my sales success and what I believe will help anyone working in sales succeed.

This first blog is focused on what I believe to be the most important aspect of sales success…


If I look back at my 15-year sales career and think about the one thing that differentiated me from other salespeople, the one thing that pushed me to work harder than others it was my dedication. I was truly dedicated to the company I worked for, I was truly dedicated to the industry I worked in and more importantly I was truly dedicated to my customers.

Dedication isn’t about working hard to earn yourself money or keep your manager off your back, it’s about so much more than that. I genuinely believed in what I did, whatever company I worked for I fully bought into what they did and why they did it. I would always be the first one in the office and often the last one out. I’d always make more calls than anyone else, send more emails, do more research, attend more meetings and go further to do the best I possibly could.

Can you fake dedication?

In my opinion, you can’t fake it, however, if you don’t have it right now whilst I don’t believe you can fake it I do believe you can find it. There will, however, be one of 2 realities, you can either find it or you can’t. If you can’t you need to really question whether you’re working for the right company or selling the right product. To find it you’ll either find a genuine interest in the product you’re selling or the industry, or you’ll have a very high motivation to succeed. Either way, it’s like an inner energy that will drive you.

Why is it important?

Why have I chosen dedication over so many other potential subjects? It’s because I believe it’s the key to all sales success. Your dedication to your job, to your company, to your colleagues, to your leaders and to your customers will determine the result you achieve. If you’re not dedicated, you will struggle to deliver as much as someone who is.

Looking back at sales people I’ve seen struggle it’s often because they’re not dedicated enough to their company. They aren’t as driven to work as hard and don’t put as much time and effort for their customers. It’s a simple thing with a very powerful outcome.

4 ways to utilise your dedication for sales success:

1 – Customer Focus: By dedicating yourself to your customer they will feel like you are working for them and not your sales manager. No customer wants to feel like they’re just one more sale on this month’s target for you, they want to feel like you are on their side and working for them.

2 – Industry Expert: Your customers are looking for your knowledge and experience about how companies like theirs can benefit from what you sell. By being dedicated to the industry you work in you will be a true source of knowledge. Utilise social media as well to showcase your passion, knowledge, and experience through content and engagement.

3 – Corporate Citizen: You should genuinely believe in what your company does and why they do it. Be a model corporate citizen as you want the customer to not just buy your product and you but also your company. If you want them to believe in your company, then you first need to as well.

4 – Success Driven: If you’re going to put the hard work in needed to succeed, if you’re going to make the calls, attend the meetings, close the deals etc then you need to be highly driven by success. You should be dedicated to achieving success and have a clear focus on why you want to achieve it.

By immersing yourself in your company, your customer and your focus for success you’ll massively increase your chances of achieving it. There will be some salespeople who aren’t dedicated but yet who crush their sales figures each and every month. These elite salespeople represent such a small percentage though and what I’m hoping to achieve through this blog series is help the majority of salespeople out there achieve success.

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Dan Disney - The Daily Sales