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How to Make Your Sales Pipeline Sustainable

Your sales pipeline is an important measure of your business health. So what determines if it’s sustainable or not?

Your pipeline is in operation when:

You are serving your current customers

You are gaining new customers

The question is, how do we make this process sustainable. The effects of a weak sales pipeline show in when there is a discrepancy between the two factors mentioned above. A proper balance needs to be maintained so that there can be growth and constant sales.  Sustainability can be achieved by the following means if you are looking to achieve long-term objectives:


Inbound Marketing

Generating Leads

Customer retention strategies

You probably have heard of all of these factors before, one to many times as well. However, what might not have been mentioned is how these can incorporate sustainability. After you read this blog the takeaway will be that you will know why you need to re-emphasis on these points in your business. This advice is universal; it works with all kinds of businesses.


Referrals are a free source of sales, which can multiply depending on your attitude, level of demand and quality of service, therefore, making it sustainable. There are two kinds of referrals, 1) Referral instigation and 2) Referral influx. In order to drive towards sustainability, you need to focus on the second one. You can focus on this kind of referral by pushing your public relations, write about helping people and companies, this can also include integrating social entrepreneurial objectives within your business. The agenda behind Referral influx is that it calls people to you, which is more organic. Believe me, this is where you want to be.

Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is an old concept but you can upgrade your tactics to make them sustainable. For example, you can write a blog that links to flexible and long-term things rather than writing about specific and current events. The same blog you write with these two things has a lot more penetration and can definitely help in making your sales pipeline more sustainable. For example writing about topics like “How 360 Degree Cameras Is An Essential Cornerstone For Your Business” may not yield long-term results but a topic like “How technology Will Evolve the photographic industry” will because it talks about future potential. It also contains inquisitiveness, which compels people to see your content. It takes more research and effort but the results are long-lasting. Similarly, you can apply this to your videos, microsites and many other inbound marketing ideas.

Generating Leads:

Leads are important for refilling your sales pipeline, which is key for sustainability and growth. If your salespeople are not focusing on new prospects it could lead to saturation. As a leader or top executive, thinking about the long-term approach is essential. Today getting leads is not difficult but tedious and what is even more complex is getting validated and authentic sales data. Your prime should be to get human verified data to ensure you have quality data.

Customer Retention Strategies:

To make this sustainable you need to focus on anticipatory services. An unwritten rule is that those customers who have been with you for some time should be eligible for some special treatment. Importance is not to lose sight of those who are already with you as well. Trust is the ultimate aim to ensure sustainability in your sales pipeline.

So the takeaway is simple here, however, to achieve said objectives consistency is needed. CloudLead can provide such a consistency on a timely basis. Remember, our objective is to let your sales personnel merely focus on sales.


Contributor: Moaaz Nagori
Marketing Associate
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