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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


How To Keep Enterprise Clients Happy

In this article, we’ll share some of the best practical tips for how to conduct customer success during the lifetime of your enterprise account.

There are huge benefits to closing deals with enterprise accounts including steady cash flow, getting that well-known logo on your website and of course an increase in revenue.

It’s a great feeling closing a large deal with an enterprise customer but far too often as salespeople, we simply pass the deal over to customer success and forget about it. Or even worse, we just don’t have a customer success team or plan in place at all.

If this sounds familiar then don’t worry, there’s still a chance to turn this around. Today I am going to share some top tips that will ensure your customer churn stays low and your enterprise customers remain as happy as the day they first purchased.

Make sure that the handover from sales to customer success is smooth

It’s important that the handover is smooth both internally and with the customer. For the internal transition make sure that you pass over all of your notes and all of the information you have about the customer to your customer success manager. It’s important that customer success knows exactly why the customer has purchased your solution and what their goals are.

You should also make sure to tell the customer who their new point of contact is so that they don’t feel forgotten about.

Identify a champion

Possibly the simplest but one of the most effective strategies. Identify a champion or a ‘power user’ at the client's end.

It’s really powerful if you can have a champion on board, someone who loves your solution and may even be leading the implementation of it. A champion can make your routes of communication within the end client much easier and will often also help boost adoption.

Agree on a launch plan

If you don’t agree on a launch plan then the chances are the adoption of your solution will be lower than you expect. For enterprise customers, the purchase is often just the start of the journey.

So what kind of things could you cover?

-       Arrange a concise kick-off meeting for those who will be using your solution. This gives you an opportunity to build a relationship with the wider team and also answer any questions they may have.

-       Training. Arrange training for the end users, make sure that they know how to use your tool.

-       Plan, along with your customer what success would look like. What do they want to see after 3 months, 6 months, 9 months etc? Ensure that you book in time to revisit these goals regularly

This may seem like a lot of work at first but trust me, it’s worth it. Happy customers = better customer retention.

If you want more tips like this about B2B sales to check out our blog here. We are looking forward to seeing you all at next year's expo.