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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


3 Ways to Generate More B2B Sales Leads

This post will help you get whatever your B2B company is selling in front of as many people as possible and the strategies are guaranteed to help you generate new B2B sales leads.

You don’t have to have the best product. You don’t have to be the cheapest provider. You don’t even have to have the best service. To succeed, all you have to be is the best seller. In order to sell effectively, you’ll need to constantly generate high-quality leads that you can convert to customers: leads that your salespeople can take, contact, meet and make sales with.

It’s very important to take lead generation seriously. It’s one of the most important processes of your business and you should be constantly evaluating the effectiveness of all your lead generation tactics.

Let’s look at 3 of the best lead generation ideas you can use to improve online lead generation for B2B companies.

1 -  Leverage someone else's audience

Guest blogging can be a very powerful way to spread your message further. If you don’t yet have the biggest audience, someone else does and if you can provide them with good content, they’ll often let you publish your post on their blog.

2 - Generate more online reviews

Positive reviews increase the trustworthiness of any product or service. 87% of B2B decision-makers browse online before purchasing. They will try and find honest reviews to support their decisions. So to generate more leads you have to have reviews of your service/product available online. But don’t consider buying reviews. Honest reviews generate you leads. Dishonest reviews can kill your search engine rankings or do some other harm. Don’t risk it.

3 - Answer questions on Q&A services

Quora can be a great source of new sales leads. Your customers are already in Quora trying to solve the problems your service solves the best. If you go there to help them you’ll generate leads with a very positive attitude towards you.

We are using Quora for the lead generation here at Leadfeeder too and it has proved to generate high-quality traffic to our website.

A well-working lead generation strategy is a well-balanced combination of various tactics, online and offline.

Lead generation is a hard task and one of your most important as a business owner or salesperson. Don’t neglect it.

If you want more tips on how to generate more B2B sales leads you can view a more in depth post here on the Leadfeeder blog.