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The Most Influential Sales Experts on LinkedIn

The Most Influential Sales Experts on LinkedIn

There are many lists out there of the “top sales experts” you should follow, but 99% of them are based purely on the opinion of the author, often with no credible data to back it.

We’ve worked hard today to create a list that has some real numbers behind it. This is the list of the most influential sales experts on LinkedIn in 2019. These are the sales experts who have the largest audiences of followers and connections on LinkedIn, which are built from sharing value and insight consistently. You can’t buy followers on LinkedIn, so the sales experts here have earned their audiences, a very good sign of influence and credibility.

Now we’ve actually created 2 lists here…

The first is a list based on the personal network of these experts (Connections & Followers). On LinkedIn, a large network is the result of sharing great content consistently and building a strong, credible personal brand. These are the sales experts who are making the effort on LinkedIn to share the best possible value with their network regularly.

What’s amazing about this first list is that in the often-male dominated sales industry, it is in fact a female who is the world’s most influential sales expert on LinkedIn! The incredible Jill Konrath has built a fantastic audience on LinkedIn through her brilliant content and expertise.

The 20 Most Influential Sales Experts on LinkedIn (based on personal network)

1) Jill Konrath – Total LinkedIn Network 382,500 (+31,901 since 2018)

With a whopping 380K+ LinkedIn network Jill truly is the queen of sales on LinkedIn! Jill is an author, speaker and well-known thought leader in the sales industry. Her career is defined by her relentless search for fresh strategies that work in today’s sales world.

2) Tom Hopkins – Total LinkedIn Network 340,564 (+35,014 since 2018)

A LinkedIn network of over 340K+, Tom is the king of sales on LinkedIn right now. A spot I think is rightly due with 18 books written and a brand know throughout the sales industry, Tom is a true asset to everyone working in sales.

3) John Barrows – Total LinkedIn Network 318,365 (+95,506 since 2018)

As Owner of JBarrows LLC I provide customized sales training and consulting services for clients like, Box, LinkedIn and many others with a focus on driving results with proven techniques and reinforcement tools that impact adoption and behaviour change. John has seen a huge increase in his LinkedIn network thanks to tonnes of amazing videos and posts over the last year.

4) Mark Hunter – Total LinkedIn Network 317,573 (+67,366 since 2018)

The Sales Hunter himself, Mark is the author of “High Profit Prospecting” and one of the leading speakers in the sales space. Whether it’s speaking at major sales events or writing amazing content online, Mark is definitely one to follow.

5) Tony J Hughes – Total LinkedIn Network 307,571 (+69,589 since 2018)

Perhaps one of the most influential sales experts on LinkedIn, Tony turned his experience into one of the most successful sales blogs online. Tony is the author to the bestselling sales book “The Joshua Principle” and upcoming book “COMBO Prospecting”.

6) Grant Cardone – Total LinkedIn Network 295,593 (+98,774 since 2018)

We would probably argue right now Grant Cardone leads the pack in the sales expert space. He dominates the book, social and training space within the sales world and his energetic approach is infectious. One of the most inspirational people on this list.

7) Jill Rowley – Total LinkedIn Network 254,678 (+50,521 since 2018)

One of the single greatest leaders of the social selling space Jill is also one of our personal favourite sales speakers. Jill can command any crowd and provides insight that helps sales professionals everywhere.

8) Trish Bertuzzi – Total LinkedIn Network 250,081 (+52,242 since 2018)

Author of “The Sales Development Playbook” Trish has promoted inside sales as a community, profession, and engine for revenue growth. Trish sits on most sales influencer and expert lists and rightly so!

9) Mike Kunkle – Total LinkedIn Network 216,610 (+47,794 since 2018)

Mike Kunkle is a training and organisation effectiveness leader with special expertise in sales force transformation and the founder/CEO and chief sales transformation strategist at Transforming Sales Results, LLC.

10) Brian Tracy – Total LinkedIn Network 184,464 (+30,687 since 2018)

Let’s just look at the stats, author of 78 books, speaks to over 250,000 people each year, over 5,000,000 in total so far in over 75+ countries! A wealth of great content for everyone working in sales.

11) Andy Paul – Total LinkedIn Network 167,356 (+31,829 since 2018)

Host of the Accelerate! sales podcast, blogger to more than 105,000 people who follow my articles and author of two award-winning, bestselling books, Amp Up Your Sales and Zero-Time Selling. Andy is a true sales great and source of some of the best sales content out there.

12) Jonathan Farrington – Total LinkedIn Network 157,566 (+34,236 since 2018)

Jonathan is CEO of Top Sales World which is one of the world’s leading sales publications as well as being the creator of the Global Sales Directory. Jonathan puts out some amazing content both in his digital magazine and interviews that he does.

13) Daniel Pink – Total LinkedIn Network 85,640 (+9,841 since 2018)

Daniel H. Pink is the author of six provocative books. His books have won multiple awards and have been translated into 37 languages. One of his most popular books is “To Sell Is Human”, which is hugely popular across sales people worldwide.

14) Jeffrey Gitomer – Total LinkedIn Network 59,974 (+14,435 since 2018)

Writing nothing less than “The Sales Bible” Jeffrey is a sales legend and known as “The King Of Sales”! With amazing sales content and one of the best websites around, he’s definitely one to make sure you’re following!

15) Daniel Disney – Total LinkedIn Network 49,970 (+13,102 since 2018)

Daniel has become one of the world’s leading sales and social selling experts along with being the founder and owner of The Daily Sales, LinkedIn’s most popular page for salespeople. Daniel has been writing sales blogs and sharing content for just over 3 years and has built an amazing audience in that time.

16) Jeb Blount – Total LinkedIn Network 44,648 (+11,659 since 2018)

The founder of Sales Gracy and author of 6 popular sales books including his most recent “Sales EQ”, Jeb Blount is one of the leading experts in sales right now. Labelled the “hardest working man” in sales his content is well worth following.

17) Brynne Tillman – Total LinkedIn Network 44,399 (+16,312 since 2018)

Brynne is a social and digital selling expert and author of “The LinkedIn Playbook. On top of this, along with a suite of sales legends, Brynne has recently started up Vengreso, a global social company, as Chief Learning Officer.

18) Jordan Belfort – Total LinkedIn Network 41,816 (+3,542 since 2018)

The wolf of wall street himself, whilst some may question his rise to sales fame one thing can’t be denied, he knows sales and knows how to do it well. After serving time Jordan is now a passionate ethical seller and is touring the world helping people sell.

19) Brian Burns – Total LinkedIn Network 39,243 (+14,001 since 2018)

Host of one of the best sales podcasts, The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling podcast, Brian knows how to help people sell. He brings knowledge, experience and humour together to create content that everyone can enjoy!

20) Matt Heinz – Total LinkedIn Network 38,193 (+6,464 since 2018)

Prolific author and nationally recognised, award-winning blogger, Matt Heinz is President and Founder of Heinz Marketing with 15 years of marketing, business development and sales experience. Matt is a repeat winner of Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management and Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers.

The 2nd list that we wanted to add as well includes their own company pages on LinkedIn, which a lot of them also create and share amazing content to their audience on a regular basis. We wanted to add this as some of the sales experts also put a lot of time and effort into building their own business brand alongside their personal brand. These company pages represent additional reach and influence for the respected sales expert.

Now this does change the list a bit and actually puts the UK’s very own Daniel Disney as the world’s most influential sales expert on LinkedIn right now!

Here at the Sales Innovation Expo we’ve been fortunate enough to have followed Daniel explode onto the sales scene over the last 3 years. After creating The Daily Sales and growing it to 100,000 followers in the first year, we invited him to keynote at the 2017 Sales Innovation Expo, a talk that drew one of the biggest crowds.

Over the last 3 years he has built an audience of nearly 500,000 followers, growing by thousands each week thanks to the amazing sales content he creates and shares each and every day. Daniel has worked hard to become one of the world’s leading sales and social selling experts and we are super excited to welcome him back to the keynote stage this year on the 28th March 2019!

These lists don’t tell you who is the smartest sales expert or who is the most successful sales expert, there’s no list out there that could do that. What these lists do is show you who the most influential sales experts are right now in 2019 on LinkedIn, and who you should follow on LinkedIn to get the best possible sales content.

The list would be completely different it was the most influential sales experts on Twitter, or on Facebook, or perhaps if it was based on book sales. A lot of that information is hard to gather, but what can’t be argued is that LinkedIn is the number 1 professional social network for the B2B industry and certainly a great place to find the sales experts who are providing the most value there right now!

We’re excited to have Daniel Disney deliver a keynote at the Sales Innovation Expo 2019 along with some of the UK’s leading sales experts including Chris Murray, Alison Edgar, Gavin Ingham, Karen Dunne-Squire and more. Make sure you book your FREE tickets today!