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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


The Secret of Making a Sale

Sales success always depends on believability, and it really pays to believe in the service or product your business provides. Creating a product or service with passion, that genuinely helps people, will result in the sale becoming second nature.

Being an extroverted, driven sales person isn’t always as easy as it seems, there are still many businesses that struggle to sell their facilities and resources. To be a successful, compelling sales person it is important to reach out and connect to others, to ultimately motivate them to buy from you.

We’ve pulled out some key strategies and techniques that will help you in the process of making a successful sale!

1. Communication is key

Verbal and Nonverbal communication is just as crucial as knowing your customers and their needs. Focussing on soft skills such as, self confidence and positive work attitude, can lead to a sales breakthrough, pair this with excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence will lead to being a successful salesperson.

2. Making the right judgements

Knowing when to take action with a good understanding of the situation and a clear goal in mind will assist with making a successful sale. Time management and the ability to drop certain attributes will provide a pathway to pursue different options. However do not despair if things don’t always go your way. Resilience is key for the ability to bounce back.

3. Focus on the drive

Sales is all about keeping focus on multiple goals and how to achieve them. As customers can often lack knowledge and awareness, it is important for a salesperson to dedicate themselves to what they’re selling. Which in turn shows the customer value and originality and ultimately drives them to buy.

4. Know the value of admitting your mistakes

No one said it was easy to build lasting relationships, but it is a huge factor of being successful in sales, you need to be prepared to take responsibility when things don’t go the way they were planned and admit when you’re wrong. Focussing on problem solving will demonstrate the knowledge and value a salesperson has on the product or service, this is also crucial to understanding the customers needs.

Not everyone is a natural at sales. With a little practice and these key steps, you’ll be on your way to being a master of sales. Good luck!