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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Do you Love Rejection Yet?

To love sales is to love rejection first and foremost! The two go hand-in-hand. The famous psychologist, anthropologist and marketing guru Clotaire Rapaille studies archetypes and the impact of culture on markets and business and his findings on sales archetypes are truly compelling.  

He calls them 'happy losers', addicted players constantly looking for that intense emotion. Never downhearted by their many invariable losses, and highly motivated by that 'one' opportunity to win. They are experts at losing and deal with rejection in a positive, constructive and resilient way.  

The most important element in growing a business is Sales and the most arduous activity in sales is Prospecting. It's during prospecting that 'the rubber meets the road' and salespeople are at their most vulnerable. If the salesperson can't successfully capture their prospect's attention and give the prospect a good-enough reason why they should give up their precious time, in about 90 seconds - what happens next is not for the faint-hearted.  

Here I put forward a few reasons why the most successful sales performers handle rejection so differently, easily moving forward, winning the most deals:

1 - They make a lot of cold-calls. Fear of the unknown is worse than the reality, and they know that the more cold-calling they make the more agile and confident they become.

2 - They create choice. If you depend on one prospect, that contact becomes a 'life or death' case, and desperation sinks in. Top performers create various opportunities, so no one in particular is able to 'break the bank'.

3 - They prioritize their leads and contact. If you start your cold-calling activity with the CEO of Apple, your nerves may shoot through the roof. High-performers start with small challenges and work their way 'up' as they feel more comfortable.

4 - They plan ahead. They research prospects according to their importance. Sales can be a numbers game after all and smart salespeople manage their time and research expertly.

5 - They practice, a lot and advance. In sales there is less strategic activity than people think. Much of it is repetition. Know your value proposition very well. Practice your pitch with a friend or a colleague until it sounds natural. Identify and plan for objections ahead of time. Repeat process until you are perfect, and you can focus on the prospect and any unexpected events during the call.

6 - They know their priorities are different from their prospect's. We want the prospect to fall in love with us at first sight, but they have other priorities.

7 - They stay calm. Curiously most prospects are very polite and friendly on the phone. When top performers reach someone who is having a bad day they never take it to heart and remember that there are simply things that are out of their control.

8 - They take responsibility for their results and commit to excellence. To improve themselves. To know their stats. To prospect consistently. They never tire and never give up.

The way we deal with obstacles in sales shapes our character, reflects our commitment and communicates our passion. When we represent and communicate value to our clients, rejection can be a blessing as it saves us time and helps us focus on the prospects that need us the most.

Come by Stand 1280 during the Sales Innovation Expo, will be delighted to discuss your sales and prospecting ideas and goals.

Until then, sell with value.

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