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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Tips on Aligning your Marketing and Sales Teams

It’s no secret that you need both your marketing and sales teams to work together in order for your business to run to its full potential, but it’s not that easy. In order for both teams to work as effectively as possible, they need to guide each other, and communication plays a huge factor. We’ve put together 3 steps that will help bring down the incredibly damaging silos between marketing and sales… making your operations more efficient than ever.

1. Communication is key: The world of sales is fast paced, and it’s not always easy to keep up, but it’s so important to communicate. Have regular meetings and a clear aim, find out what the sales team are focussing on, is there a sector that they really need to nail this month? How could marketing enable that?

2. Work together: This touches on the first point, Your sales team are communicating with your target market everyday, they know what they want to see, so, why not take advantage of that? By marketing having regular catch-ups with sales, it makes sure that content is targeted, and in the right way. This would also be hugely beneficial to sales as potential clients will be able to witness and relate to content produced by marketing.

3. Streamlining: Both teams are busy, that’s why it’s crucial to ensure that basic tools are easily accessible. Keep track of frequently asked questions, materials or content, and create a system in which they are shared, this could be as simple as creating a shared drive that everyone has access to, a simple idea that could save so much time.

These may seem like obvious points but they are easily overlooked, and sometimes it’s important to go back to basics to create a solid structure that works.