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If you only change 1 THING to prospect for more clients, this is the most important


It's an interesting dichotomy. The world of sales has changed so significantly yet the most effective techniques to prospect new customers have remained basic.

Selling is an extremely mental and emotional sport, with ups and downs that don't discriminate the best performers. The difference between mediocrity and excellence is how we pick ourselves up and overcome the difficult times.

Being successful in sales is decidedly not for the faint of heart!

The most important element in B2B sales is prospecting!

An opportunity is not an opportunity until you get the attention of your target-client, in a differentiated, focused, simple and relevant way, and set up a meeting.

In sport, the most successful and inspiring athletes around the world have developed a discipline, rigorous and systematic, an obsession. Think for a minute about Eusébio, Pelé, Michael Jordan, Paula Radcliffe, Muhammad Ali, Mo Farah. Now imagine their routine, their day-to-day life, the way they rise above bad days, injuries, the fear of failing.

Likewise, how does a business owner or sales professional win in their market? Just like in sport, the answer is to practice. Every single day!

I was responsible for identifying and developing business in new territories and sometimes, with little more than the information available on the internet. I can assure you, the only thing that pulls you out of a potential sales slump is prospecting, every day.

I'll wager that a lot of your day is spent doing administration, having internal and external meetings, going to events, doing research, reading and sending emails, looking at social media. With all this going on, how do you maximize the hours left to convert your prospects into more meetings? The answer…

Block your time!

Schedule 30, 60, 90 minutes in your calendar dedicated exclusively to making calls. Conversations that provide value to your target-client, that qualify and subsequently create new opportunities.

This time is focused on a single activity, it's a meeting with yourself. Treat it just like you would a client meeting. It's truly amazing what you can achieve when you focus your attention in one task.

- Do not answer other calls, or do research or administration,

- Don't be interrupted by your boss or colleagues,

- Don't take a quick look at Facebook, or respond to emails.

There are no interruptions, just prospecting. When the time is up, you can then continue with the rest of your day.

Does it work?

This discipline will transform your results after some time, and this approach and consistency will transform your productivity.

Begin this session when you feel most alert and motivated, for example every morning. Prioritize your list of contacts to start with the most important and likely to sign prospects, then work your way down the sales funnel.

Never stop qualifying!

For a more balanced, efficient prospecting activity it is important to use different methods and channels to reach your client. However, the phone remains the most basic and powerful tool in your arsenal!

When you incorporate your personality, authenticity, perseverance, sense of humor and resilience, using the telephone to talk directly with your prospect is the way to creating more opportunities and closing more deals.


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