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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Chris Murray: Salesman Bob and the 21st Century Sales Gym

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Salesman Bob has just renewed his membership at the “Sales Gym”.


He’s decided that he wants to get himself ready for the testing times ahead – healthy, wealthy and thinking like a champion.

All the members of his Sales Gym know – if you want to have your membership considered for renewal – you have got to master the Century 21 Business Treadmill.

Bob’s been around a while.

He watches his unprepared peers climb onto the treadmill’s black rubber tracks and press the start button.

Some of them find they can’t keep up with its demanding pace and just stop running.

However, if you stand still on a fast moving Century 21 Business Treadmill, it will take your feet from underneath you, and you go down – HARD.

There’s actually a big sign hanging above the Century 21 Business Treadmill that new members rarely ever read, it says;


“Get Off, Keep Going or Fall Over.”


If you manage to stay on and keep up, you can watch your progress steadily climb on the little monitor and those around you comment on how well you’re doing – which is nice.

Every now and then the incline will rise uncomfortably – you see, this model has a random RECESSION SETTING – it very quickly gets steeper, slower, harder.

During those times Bob hits the pause button, catches his breath and refuels – recognising that to get back onto the Century 21 Business Treadmill and stay upright, he’ll have to somehow become more.

He knows he’s in the right place to do just that – there’s a track around the gym to build his stamina away from the treadmill, lots of free advice and a whole selection of tools to help him hit his target.

He’s also aware that when it comes to working through the RECESSION SETTING on the Century 21 Business Treadmill, a couple of steps back aren’t wasted if you’re using them as a run up to the next big marker.

That’s why he’s been a member of the Sales Gym so long, he’s watched too many newbies step up and fall over – his advice is always there if they need it..

Some ask. Most don’t.

He smiles as he picks up his bag to leave and reads the motto above the front door;


“Change Yourself & Fortune Will Change With You”