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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


What makes a good salesperson?


What makes a good salesperson? The general consensus is that performance is the best indicator of a good salesperson. Top performers have the capacity to not only reach but also surpass their personal sales goals.

That is no easy task considering that salespeople have to find the right balance between nurturing their current clients all while finding new prospects. It can therefore be complicated for them to reach their target month in, month out.

Looking deeper into the topic, the main reason for salespeople failing to reach their monthly target is due to subpar goal setting. Any sales strategy should be based on strong, focused and efficient goals, without these, it becomes almost impossible to produce the best leads and see through on sales. In order to set the right goals and maximise your sales opportunities, here are a couple tips to follow:

Start with the obvious, set yourself goals. However evident that statement may seem, there is a significant difference between setting a goal, and setting yourself the right goal. Using the “SMART criteria” is essential in this scenario, the right goal will be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant as well as time-based. If your goals do not meet all of these attributes, then your number one priority will be to make sure they do. Following the SMART criteria is the foundation towards achieving your sales targets.

Being smart about your prospecting will save you invaluable time and increase your productivity. Too often, time is wasted prospecting without a solid knowledge of which buyer to look for. Narrowing down which buyer profile you are searching for, and understanding how your product can help them allows you to make the best use of your time. Additionally, make sure to keep track of where you have found your prospects for future reference.

Maintaining a strong relationship with your current clients is essential. Completing the deal does not mark the end of the relationship; call to thank them, email them requesting feedback or just keep them updated about what your organisation is up to. By doing so you’ll repeatedly be present in your client’s mind and increase the chance that they will become a repeat customer. This close dynamic will also make it easier for you to get referrals from current clients, expanding your network with a flurry of potential clients.

Being able to adapt is also vital for any salesperson, and your goals should be no different. Reviewing your goals weekly allows you to assess the progress you are making towards achieving them and make the necessary changes if there are any to be made. A weekly look at your goals will help you take on some of the weekly challenges you may come across.

Hitting your sales target every month is not easy, however it is not impossible either. A combination of solid goal setting, intelligent prospecting, effort to maintain the client relationship as well as being able to adapt your goals weekly will help any salesperson succeed. Brushing up of your sales skill set every now and then doesn’t hurt anyone and can be the difference between having that dotted line signed or not.


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