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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Is Your Sales Team Really Ready for GDPR?


Those of you working within a business handling customer data should be pretty clued up on GDPR by now. If not, then you and your company could be in BIG trouble!

If you fail to comply with this new legislation, you will be fined up to 4% of your annual global turnover or €20m… and a fine could even leave you bankrupt.

One department that needs to follow compliance carefully is your sales team, and here are three key areas your sales team needs to consider now that GDPR is in full swing.

How Tight Lipped Should You Remain When Discussing GDPR?

This is a particularly tricky question to answer if you are dealing with a company based in the U.S. that serves European consumers. No salesperson wants to slow down their sales process, but, now they need to tread a fine line between sealing the deal and transparency.  

Salespeople need to know whether or not they should ask their customer if GDPR will affect their business in any way. So say if you are finalising a deal with a large company who is doing business in Europe, then it should be of top priority to ask the client if they store, use or engage with EU citizens’ data. If they fail to do that, then the repercussions could be severe.

How Important Is It to Implement a Data Processing Agreement?

Legal documents like a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) can stop any decent salesperson in their tracks, and in most cases when a sales cycle slows down, a deal can be lost. However, your salespeople could also lose their deal if they do not share a DPA when requested.

To overcome this obstacle, your team should have DPAs ready to go when a customer asks. Even if they don’t ask you for a DPA, then they will have to pick the best time to provide clients with said document. DPAs should always be given at the moment which will impact the cycle slowdown the least. If the customer works within the EU or with citizens of the EU, it’s best to introduce DPA into the sales cycle early on.

Are Your Sales Team Ready?

Every single person in your company needs to understand how to be GDPR compliant, meaning that your sales team needs to fully understand what GDPR is and how it will impact their work processes.

Most customers will have a few pending questions for you, and your sales team need to be more than capable of explaining how these new regulations will alter how the business operates.

Customers also want to be assured that they are in a safe pair of hands. So your sales team need to relay to each client what processes are being integrated into the business model to ensure the business is GDPR compliant. This will create a bond with your client and show them you are a trustworthy company, which could help you close more deals in the long run!

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