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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Sales Team Culture: Positively Successful


In today’s business world, having a positive work culture is one the most important components to succeed. From startups, to SMEs all the way to multinationals, having the right culture will impact crucial aspects of any business such as the recruitment of top-tier talent, employee retention and employee performance.

This couldn’t be more true if you are at the head of your company’s sales or business development department. This statement is backed up by a study made of over 90 car dealerships spread across the US, which found a strong correlation between a good work culture in sales and customer satisfaction.

Building culture is no easy task, let alone building a positive one. To achieve better culture, there are several techniques management can use that will inherently help any organisation’s business environment and performance:

The key to understand the culture of a company is to realise that it is dictated from the top of the organisation all the way to the bottom. This implies that in order to implement a positive culture, top management has to recognise it falls upon them to set the tone. If there is a change that needs to be made within the company’s culture, leadership has to take the time to adjust it.

Good management, according to Google’s former director Kim Scott, comes down to a good communication line between managers and their teams. Conversations need to be honest and productive and should not omit criticism. Criticism should always aim to bring to light points to work on and help individuals develop, it should not be used in a derogatory manner. By implementing a culture that promotes this line of communication in the sales environment, the company will be able to attain the quick correction of errors that could linger and ultimately affect the performance and cost of the department.

Team building is also an essential element for any organisation, this stands true particularly for the sales and business development departments, which are notoriously demanding. A group that works well together will always perform better and, one way of facilitating the bond, communication and collaboration of a team is by carrying out company outings. These contribute greatly to a positive culture and include a wide array of activities that cater for all sizes of businesses. From happy hours, to sporting activities all the way to company trips abroad, these team building outings help increase the morale as well as reduce the stress of group, ultimately resulting in the company performing better.

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