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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Sales Assignments: Bring Out the Best in Your Sales Team

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As a sales leader, it is a requirement to always be seeking the growth of consistent and sustainable sources of revenue. This can be as simple as ensuring that your sales team are aware of who their true competitor is, and, it’s not someone inside their own team. Indeed, the true competition comes from the outside, not within.

This does not by any means imply that internal competition is bad, however it needs to remain a healthy style of contest. Unhealthy competition can end up being detrimental to the sales department and can seriously affect morale and motivation. This can often be found in scenarios where sales managers with good intentions create ineffective competition due to a lackadaisical sales structure.

Even now, too many sales departments function in a wild environment where there are no sales assignments or sales structure to be found. This results in salespeople grabbing new prospects as soon as they appear, adding them to their CRM system and claiming them as theirs for life. Far too often the sales person will lose the prospect to external competitors as a consequence of lacking nurture of the prospect.

That is why, however many excuses sales leaders and their teams can make, it is vital to take time to go through data to see the activity of each salesperson and create sales assignments. The creation of sales assignments can be done in various ways in order for salespeople to have ownership and consequently follow up, these can be segmented vertically, by geographical area or by the size of the account. Doing so is one of many ways to work around any obstacles such as existing relationships or the difficulty of assigning an account to an individual.

To become an effective sales organisation, sales assignments need to be focused and transparent, this allows the salesperson to have a clear understanding of who they need to pursue and not waste time filling the pipeline redundantly. Teams inherently become more efficient as they concentrate their efforts to contact relevant prospects.

By implementing sales assignments, sales meetings also become an open platform for salespeople to share their successes or worries about the opportunities presented to them. CRM information is openly shared, without fear of someone claiming prospects as theirs, and this creates a better overall collaboration within the team as members aren’t competing for the same prospects.

Outside competition is present and increasing every day, which is why having an unhealthy competitive environment internally can seriously put at risk the success of any sales department. By creating sales assignments, teams will be able to collaborate successfully all while staying competitive. The best of both worlds.


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