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  • Tiffani Bova

    Being a High Performing Sales Organization Requires a Hard Reset on Conventional Thinking

    Regardless of what has worked in the past, the unintended consequences [more]

  • Tamara Schenk

    How To Set-Up “Customer-Core” Enablement Strategies To Drive Outstanding Performance

    In an ever-changing, buyer-driven world, the relevance of sales enablement to [more]

  • Joanne Black

    Stop Cold Calling: Get the One-Call Referral Meeting

    Turn up the heat on your prospecting and attract your best [more]

  • Dr. Tony Alessandra

    How to Read a Customer Like a Book

    Get ready for an entertaining, interactive and insightful program delivered by [more]

  • Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE

    `Increase Your Success Velocity™`

    Velocity is your rate of advancement toward your goal. Jim Cathcart [more]

  • Barbara Giamanco

    Social Selling to the C-Suite

    In this interactive session, Barbara Giamanco, one of the first evangelists [more]

  • Colleen Francis

    Nonstop Sales Boom: Putting an End to Boom-and-Bust Sales Cycles

    How many times have you or someone on your team come [more]

  • Bernadette McClelland

    Conscious Selling And The Art of Commercial Conversations

    We know ''sales'' has changed! We know sellers want new conversations! [more]

  • Tony J Hughes

    The Great Sales Disruption And What To Do About It

    Between 40% and 66% of sales people fail to achieve their [more]

  • Cian McLoughlin

    Rebirth of the Sales Industry

    Rebirth of the Sales Industry will explore the unprecedented change and [more]

  • Christian Maurer

    The terms B2B and B2C have become obsolete, haven`t they?

    Are the Marketers right who have done away with the distinction [more]

  • Deb Calvert

    Transcending the Transaction: Are You Enabling or Disabling Customer Connections?

    Are you guilty of making 3 big mistakes… inadvertently disabling your [more]

  • Mark Hunter

    `HOW TO` Increase Prospecting Results for Sales Leaders

    It is critical to drive better results from your sales team. [more]

  • Gavin Ingham

    Be More, Do More, Share More: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

    Are you finding it ever harder to achieve real connection with [more]

  • Jason Jordan

    Sales Management and CRM: A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

    CRM has been around for decades, but what has it given [more]

  • Ken Krogue

    Sales in the Cloud

    Ken will discuss how advancements in technology and analytics have forever [more]