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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



Tilkee takes the randomness out of sales and marketing and adds efficiency. How efficient can you be if you don't know if your proposals, brochures & quotes have been read, nor by who, nor when, nor for how long? EDF, Orange & Veolia have all boosted sales & shortened the sales cycle using Tilkee.

Tilkee alerts you in real-time when any kind of document is read (quotes, white papers, contracts, invoices, CVs) through any channel. Not just this but we tell you who it was, how long they read it for and even the time the person spent reading each page. This provides an immense competitive advantage in the follow-up phase and also an opportunity to optimise content as well as improve the customer experience. These real-time analytics can automatically update your CRM leads & opportunities as well as within other tools.

Tilkee is now no longer just for sales teams but also marketing, comms, events teams as well as job seekers (this is free!). Essentially, this proven technology allows you to drive revenue by keeping an eye on all interactions with your strategic documents.

Tel: 0203 445 5401

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