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Sparkstone CRM

Effective, intelligent and practical CRM to increase sales, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Do you demand CRM Excellence?

Exceptional Customer Relationship Management can help a business to boom. Without it, communications can fail, vital sales are lost and, at worst, a business can falter.

Customer relationships are more than just a sales aid. When CRM is set up correctly it is a unified messaging system with workflows that enable processes to work every single day and allow new staff to be onboarded with the minimum of downtime.

At Sparkstone CRM we understand the complexities that a great CRM tool needs to address. Our CRM systems are not only fully equipped to deal with ALL business requirements, but they are also exceptionally straightforward to use. This allows systems to be set up quickly and for benefits to be gained immediately.

Why use Sparkstone CRM?

• Visualise
Clear, concise interfaces

• Integrate
Amalgamate all of your applications

• Communicate
Maximise awareness using all appropriate channels

• Manage
Plan, delegate and evaluate

• Automate
Smooth workflows aid efficiency and consistency

• Mobile
Allow sales teams complete access

• Service
Optimise customer satisfaction

The delight is in the detail

Contact management - manage all your business contacts
• Leads, prospects, customers
• Suppliers, agencies, advisors, employees
• Set up relationships and connections

Integrated communications - all your comms in one place
• Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook
• Complete histories and conversations
• Auto responders and reviews

Workflow management - tasks and to do`s
• Plan, manage, measure all your tasks in one place
• Delegate and assign tasks
• Notify and alert

Marketing campaigns - maximise return from integrated email marketing
• Schedule multiple campaign actions and emails
• Collect statistics and Integrate unsubscribes right back into your database
• Schedule follow up calls and allocate to telemarketers

Opportunity management - track your sales pipelines
• Unlimited opportunity types
• Custom opportunity stages
• Live pipeline reporting

Sales team management - track sales activities
• Make it easy for your sales team to perform
• Route field sales rep`s appointments
• Measure their performance

Customer service - be the very best
• Enable all your staff to help service customers and prospects alike
• Automate key processes
• Act directly on sales transactions

Manage telemarketing - make the best calls every day
• Fast access to company marketing resources
• List management and call allocation
• Email responders

Manage your team - customise live views of your business performance
• Dashboards and widgets for `at a glance` reporting
• Easy grids for custom views of your data
• Group, sort and subtotal data fast

Mobile sales - enable your field sales reps
• Completely enable your sales reps to do business on the road
• Mobile sales order processing
• Construct meaningful deals on the fly

Sparkstone CRM delivers more right out of the box...

Visualise data to suit you
• Sparkstone CRM gives you a bird`s eye view of all your data in the best form to help you make decisions faster
• Schedules, grids, maps, Kanbans and more

Single view of all communications
• Beautiful conversation views of all communications with your contacts and their related contacts - at the click of a button
• Include sales transactions and other data events

Map your customer base
• See the location of your customers based on any segmentation of your data you choose

Organisation charts and more
• Automatically draw organisation charts and relationship diagrams

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