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SmarterMe is an intelligent native mobile app acting as the Command Centre for Sales, when coupled with Salesforce. It helps the salesperson be more productive "on the go" by bringing the right applications and insights into their inbox where they can take contextual actions with a few taps on their mobiles. SmarterMe personal assistant also suggests the next best actions. It speeds up your Pipeline, Sales Productivity, Sales Win Rate, Forecast accuracy and Revenue when integrated with Salesforce CRM.

SmarterMe is designed with the user`s role in mind, starting with sales, and the desire to make them productive away from the desk. SmarterMe brings the power of data science, mobile design, and contextual integration to every user and not just the management team. The app helps salespeople, across hundreds of companies, to save time and close more deals using SmarterMe on their mobile device, even offline!

SmarterMe can help significantly cut down the time spent on salesforce management and administrative tasks while providing actionable sales intelligence, all on-the-go and in your flow of work.

This results in more time in front of the clients and closing business faster or more often.

SmarterMe works with Gmail and Outlook, All Calendars, Phone, Text / SMS,, Box, Drop Box, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and much more to come. Best of all, it deduces Sales IQ (Intelligence) based on insights gained from enterprise data of the user. It is an enterprise grade and fully customizable for the customer's sales process.

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