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Sellsy is a 360 sales management tools with a modular approach. This means that Sellsy can be used in very different type of companies depending on their needs.
Sellsy is a CRM/ERP solution packed with convenient features like:
CRM opportunity management, Invoicing, Teamwork and tasks management, Helpdesk / Customer Success, Purchases and margin, Connected touch point of sale solution,...
Companies using Sellsy are seeing great benefits in productivity.
Sellsy has been created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and you can feel it. The user interface is really easy to use and requires very little training: your staff will enjoy using it.
It really boosts your productivity and your business activity because it manages so much for you. It manages your purchases, sales, logistics, and your administration.
It helps you win more customers with its ability to do target marketing, and it keeps your customers interested and loyal by monitoring their activity so you can launch marketing campaigns and remind them how much they want your product ;)

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