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Quantum Leap with Mandy & Co

Mandy has been running her own successful consulting business for 16 years, applying lean six sigma principals to reinvent and improve operational processes and systems and facilitate sustainable transformational change with people and organisations. During this time she has coached business`s owners, directors, mangers and organisational teams to successfully reach targets and improved results.
This year saw Mandy work alongside the legendary Bob Proctor (star in The Secret) to bring `Thinking into Results` to corporate and small businesses in the UK. This transformational six month coaching programme supersedes all other coaching interventions that Mandy has worked with before and she has seen the system bring massive results in profits and productivity to companies around the globe.
The programme explains how to set and achieve goals that promote quantum leaps in business, support managers and employees to close the gap between what they know and what they actually do by changing their behaviour and thinking. Business owners and staff will turn non productive habits into productive actions and thereby become more productive at their jobs. Team performances are improved by breaking old habitual behaviours, creating new team images focusing on what they can achieve together by working in harmony
The programme creates an open environment for people to talk about fears and how to overcome them and also put a stop to procrastination to find innovative solutions to problems. Staff co-operation and a positive work environment allow team members to emerge in leadership roles.
Other programmes show how to make incremental changes; this programme lays out the steps for a quantum leap leading to dramatic permanent results in performance and profits. If you are a start up, a growing business, or a business that is ready to make a Quantum Leap in your overall results then this programme is for you.

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