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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Professional Sales Association

The PSA support B+B Travelling Sales People, Agents and Direct Representatives. Developed from the Commercial Travellers Association and the UCTA, the organization has been supporting and campaigning on behalf of its member's interests for 135 years.

The support we can give ranges from free legal advice on any subject. If things go sour over contracts, commission free legal action can be called upon. A discounted pay for Contract Reading Service is also available. Being a section of Unite the Union means that members can also avail themselves of the other Unite extensive Affiliated Services.
Members of the PSA were involved in the original framing of the `EC Commercial Agents Directive 1993` and we are anxious that this `fair to both sides` legislation is re-enacted into any post-Brexit British law.

PSA Regional sub-branches throughout the UK hold regular local meetings and Seminars on various subjects often with specialist lawyers. Meeting up with like-minded people even in different fields or industries, give members networking opportunities to review their own selling methods. Being a democratic organization, Professional Sales Association members have a full say and involvement in the running of the organization for Sales People if they want.

Tel: 0207 611 2500

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