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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


OneUp Sales

Use gamification to build a culture of success through lively leaderboards, personalised deal celebrations and automated sales competitions with OneUp Sales, a sales motivation and management platform built for the modern sales team.

The platform was designed and created by former games developers and salespeople. Their mission - to help businesses around the world to make work fun with the end goal of increasing team productivity, saving management's time and keeping staff engaged.

OneUp leverages data from the systems companies already use (CRM, VOIP) to power highly customisable leaderboards, competitions and analytics. Every salesperson can access their own sales dashboard, detailing which competitions they're a part of as well as showing them at-a-glance insights into how they're doing against target. Managers can access a slew of features for making their lives easier. Whether it's creating points-based competitions, setting up head-to-heads between salespeople or sharing key information on OneUp's elegant TV displays, the platform helps them spend more time coaching their staff to success and less time fiddling with spreadsheets and updating whiteboards.

Tel: 03330 808 3310

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