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25 & 26 MARCH 2020



Driving Sales & Marketing Success
The clients' buying experience is changing. Clients expect more, they are more educated, and have less time on their hands. That means that the sales individuals needs to be more educated, skilled and relevant than ever.

At Napp we are enabling sales and marketing teams to solve the needs of the ever demanding buyer. There is a need for better sales tools, more relevant content, and an increased education level of the sales representatives to live up to the new expectations.

We are passionate about helping sales teams solve exactly that. We have built a sophisticated sales enablement platform that gives the sales team a tool to help before, during and after client meetings, and provide clients with a better buying experience.

Representing more than 30,000 monthly sales reps and covering clients in 35 countries, we have proven that it works and clients are getting tangible benefits from empowering their sales teams.

The company NappĀ®
Napp is a SaaS software company helping B2B sales and marketing organizations succeed by empowering their sales teams with a better sales support tool that help them close more deals and have better conversations in meetings. Founded in Copenhagen, and venture funded in 2017, Napp empowers thousands of sales reps within organizations like Grohe, Lyreco and ABB.

The name NappĀ® is a contraction of "Nordic App". It is a refer ence to the origin of the company, where the main focus was on Apps, and the location of the headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tel: 004542428060

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