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Motivus Consulting

Motivus ensures that Commercial Teams are optimally structured with people that have the right skills to exceed targets and work together as one team. Our unique online evaluation tool measures your sales team in a consistent and rigorous way to identify the high performers from those with skills or attitudinal and behavioural gaps by gathering input from multiple perspectives.

The results can then be used to ensure that Training and Development investment is well spent and assists in the recruitment of new team members.

SELMORE evaluates the following characteristics of the sales person:


Sales 'Steps' Capabilities
Evaluating the capability of the sales person by assessing aspects such as Identifying Customer Needs or being able to Articulate the Products or Services of the Customer.

Evaluating the sales person's knowledge of the role, industry and product or services.

Learning Agility
Assessing the ability of the sales person to 'join the dots' and apply their learnings and experiences.


Motivation and Drive
An evaluation of the sales person's energy that they put into their role on a daily basis.

On the Bus
Assessing whether the sales person shows commitment to the business and the products/services they are selling.

Ready to Face the Difficult Challenges
Evaluating the sales person's readiness to have the difficult conversations with customers and face challenges.

Assessing the sales person`s ability to put themselves in the shoes of the customer by understanding their needs.

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