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Kluster Inteliigence

Kluster Intelligence is a predictive sales analytics platform for CRM.

Leveraging both machine and deep learning, Kluster's prebuilt sales tools and bespoke analytics offer businesses predictability and visibility across the entire sales funnel.

Kluster helps Sales Leaders drive deal volume, value and velocity by focusing on 4 key areas:

Predictive Forecasting
Pipeline Shortfall Analysis
Target Reverse-engineering
Bespoke Analytics/Reporting

Kluster is the first plug and play platform that makes a direct correlation between today's sales pipeline, it's quality and momentum, and tomorrow's revenue results. As a result, Kluster is able to empower Sales Leaders with insights, how to action them, and crucially, with enough time to build 23.4% more consistent revenue.

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Kluster. Sell Smarter.

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