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We make intelligent sales systems, customized for your optimal workflow.

We built Cube with the premise that to optimize efficient sales processes we needed to think differently about how sales can and should be done.

There is something missing in sales and marketing today; the customer. Few firm effectively listen to their customers and use this information in their sales- and marketing activities.

At Headshed we believe that contacting customers that are not interested is a waste of your and their time. However, finding the right customers can be hard, if you do not know how to effectively listen to the customers. Therefore, we focus on building sales tools that allow sales managers to monitor and learn from the sales representatives` own experience with prospects.

Using data from Cube, sales managers can identify which types of customers are most likely to buy what you are currently selling. This allows sales managers to adjust the call list, effectively moving the attention of the sales representatives towards those customers most likely to buy your products.

We strive to help our clients find the right customers for their products, which gives our clients a higher hitrate on their sales calls - to the benefit of both the client and the customers.

We also believe in efficient sales processes, and Cube is configured based on what is the optimal sales process towards contacting these customers. Using data from Cube, sales managers can identify problem areas, learn what works from the best sales representatives, and create workflows that strive to systematically emulate successful behavior.

We help you find the right customer, for the right product, at the right time, in a relevant way.

With Headshed Cube you can make sure the customer is heard. You can log what message was communicated towards the customers and use real time response data to analyze what message gets the best hitrate. Help your sales team optimize your message!

Headshed Cube is not only about sales. If you don`t have a CRM system, Cube includes a simple and powerful CRM solution. Import data, create campaigns, view history, register and edit responses and handle the whole sales process in a single page.

You can also connect your existing CRM through our API service, and let Headshed Cube analyze, set up and run your campaigns. Turn history into know-how, with Headshed Cube!

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