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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Seller Performance Ltd

Learn and understand how Neuroscience can be used in selling. Developments in Neuroscience over the last few years has has enabled us to provide a unique combination of skills and techniques to stimulate business growth; helping people reach their full potential. The Reptilian brain, the Limbic system and the Neocortex can be likened to your `Gut`, `Heart` and `Head` brain - come and find why and how you need to tune in to all three to leverage successful sales.
Learn how to identify the behavioural preferences of your prospects and make an instant "connection" and then adaptively sell from discovery through to presentation, negotiation and close. Then find out how these learned "people skills" combined with Miller Heiman's world-class strategic sales process methodologies is a uniquely powerful combination that equips you to combat the increasingly complex and changing face of sales as caused by the rise of professional buyers.

A veteran sales professional with a background in B2B sales, Mark Erskine is the founder-owner of Seller Performance since 2011, a licensed and accredited behavioural and psychometric practitioner, a trained "Pinpoint" facilitator, a qualified Business Coach and Mentor and an Independent Sales Consultant for Miller Heiman Group using their proven world class tools for over 20 years.

Our aim is simple - to arm your business with the right skills, techniques and processes to accelerate revenue growth.delivering a measurable return on investment.

Tel: 07720948201

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