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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



We help you generate more sales from your prospecting activity. We share best-practices that take your prospecting results to the next level.

Lead-Results work with sales teams, sales managers and business owners looking for a competitive advantage by standing out from the crowd. We help you address the critical issues your salespeople face when prospecting next to a modern, digitally-driven buyer. Our clients love and appreciate our true practical approach and actionable know-how, focused on their sales success.

Ultimately everyone wants to find an 'easy-street' to prospecting and avoid cold-calling at all costs, only to find surprisingly disappointing results. To adopt a successful prospecting strategy is to find a continuous balance between the different channels and techniques. While most sales professionals still struggle to identify and communicate their value to the client, Lead-Results helps you to adapt your mindset, content and approach to win the business.

Small and medium companies turn to us to raise credibility in new or highly-competitive markets. Our clients learn what to say and how to say it and gain more appointments with better qualified leads, receive more replies, lower resistance and objections, build alliances with gatekeepers and stakeholders, reach consensus across the buyer organization to close the deal.

Our consultancy services are shaped to:

• Develop and strengthen your targeted prospecting strategy;
• Help you define your value, and build a case and motivation for change with your client;
• Increase your productivity and results through prospecting channels such as the telephone, email, messaging, video, in-person and social media;
• Fit in with your specific needs and goals for new business development.

Our clients specifically like the fact that we:

1 - Provide techniques and methodologies that actually work.

2 - Address the areas in prospecting most dreaded by sales professionals yet fundamental to their very success.

3 - Help them adopt fresh ideas, adapt their approach and techniques and become adept in their execution.

4 - Help them reach excellence in prospecting.

"Helga is an extremely articulate and capable sales professional with a great track record. This came through in all of my dealings with her. She took the time to really get under the skin of my business and appreciated the unique challenges that I faced. She then tailored the content to provide me with a solution perfect for my business. The results achieved speak for themselves."

"True Admiration"

"Lots of Energy. Outstanding"

"Knowledgeable in Her Work"

" absolute authority and subject matter expert. You can tell from her two decades of experience within the sales industry that she has found herself facing many different complex scenarios that she has used to her advantage to achieve amazing results. As a highly experience results based coach, she is quickly able to get into the details of sales strategies and methodologies to deliver the best approach in a clear and concise manner. I highly recommend Helga as she is outstanding! "

Tel: 00351 939 313 187

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