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27 & 28 MARCH 2019



As part of FIVE CRM we are the LEAD SPONSOR for Call & Contact Centre, B2B Marketing and Sales Innovation shows

A CRM system made for outbound calling
Originally designed for telemarketing, the core of CallPro CRM is about managing callers and data, over the years as more CRM functionality has been added the system can now be deployed in a range of scenarios - including inbound call centre.

Having a customer-led development plan means that CallPro CRM is highly flexible and is able to be configured as you need it. Whether you want a fully scripted environment or a complete CRM-style view, you are able to configure it using the standard user interface.

Automation is a big thing when it comes to managing a call centre-type environment. Whether it's automating actions at the end of calls, or automating call-backs and call-lists, CallPro CRM has a range of functionality that can be configured to suit.

In contrast to other CRM systems, CallPro CRM has the ability to have multiple databases within the one system. Each database can be configured independently while at the same time consolidated reports can be created across multiple databases.

As Darren Fletcher wrote on TrustPilot: "Been using Call Pro or 5 CRM as it is now called for about a year and I cannot fault their service and support the CRM does everything and more the support team is always there to help you get the most from the system. The email campaign functionality is superb and really effective and has really transformed the performance of our team meaning a better transition from cold call to appointment. A must have CRM for any business small to large."

Being telephone-system agnostic means you can use whatever phone system you already have.

CallPro CRM is one of the products under the FIVE CRM umbrella.

Come to stand 700 in the Call and Contact Centre Expo to see CallPro CRM in action, or go to the main FIVE CRM stand in the B2B Marketing Expo (stand 2240)

Tel: 01249 566 010

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