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BPM Works Limited

With a Digital Playbook app from BPM, you dial-in the industry and persona for your next call to find the right insights and messages. Select relevant questions to ask, typical customer challenges, value propositions, elevator pitches and edit them as you prepare your thinking for the next conversation.

Built in HTML5, the Digital Playbook app is customizable and can be accessed on any device, online and offline.

Develop Playbook content using our Messaging Workbenchâ„¢ CMS, which enables subject matter experts across the enterprise to work together efficiently to capture knowledge and guidance. When you`re ready, simply click a button to publish live content to your Playbook - and go digital at a fraction of the cost associated with bespoke development approaches.

And, as content is held in a database in the cloud, it`s easy to update as new thinking emerges and sales people give feedback on what works in front of customers.

Come and talk to us at the show and get hands on with a Digital Playbook app.

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