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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Blue DME

Blue DME is using Artificial Intelligence to help your sales team to sell better and smarter within a complex sales cycle.

We provide the Next Best Actions through your tools to be more efficient. There is no change management.

These Next Best Actions are based of 4 algorithms:

- Lead Hot Scoring to prioritise every leads with a score (Cold/ Hot/ Warm)
- Lead Availability to reach easier your leads and increase his listening
- Lead Products Recommendations to understand their needs even after a few months.
- Dynamic Pricing to optimise your margin

How do we do that? That's a good question!

We use and match all of your customer data from your website to your physical shop (CRM) including your call center, or other sources.

These datas are really important to understand your leads and customers. Your sales team do not have the time and the means to check that.

Let Tony, your future virtual digital assistant to do that!

It will be able to give you tips to sell the right product at the right time at the right person at the right price.

Tel: 0793 0971332

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