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Bizmind: always the right sales approach - by nano-metrics of sales meeting psychology.

Bizmind is a personal sales psychology coach, enhanced by IBM Watson AI. It is all preps in one place - in your pocket. The real gist of it is our method of learning from each and every customer interaction: pat pending, USA / EU.

Atoms to bits; no typing, just swiping.

If you can measure it, you can improve it.

Beyond the B2B sales pro the same applies to the company level. With the app, one can literally have a finger on the pulse of the sale - this is what we call "Psychometric Reverse Sales Funnel".

It is kind of weird that corporations have all kinds of information concerning various parts of their business - for instance how to optimize ware-house stock -, but nothing on what happens when the seller and the buyer sit down and money and goods exchange hands.

That is about to change.

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