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25 & 26 MARCH 2020


Atlas Mapping

Mapping software for better sales regions and finding new customers.

For years, sales regions have been planned with printed maps and Excel sheets. Vision will help you take a giant leap forward letting you create more efficient regions, finding new customers, and better servicing your existing customers. By placing your region boundaries on top of a Google Map, alongside customer and opportunity locations, you can create a clear view of where your sales team operates.

For many sales teams, a core group of customers will be visited alongside a handful of larger clients. It is often assumed that more could be achieved in each area, but there is no easy way to understand how big the territory opportunity is or how to service them. This becomes quick and easy when your data is in Vision. You can see exactly where your customers are situated, and by bringing in external business information, you can find other potential customers near your existing ones and make more visits each day.

It could be that there is a cluster of lower-value customers near to each of the sales team, but they only travel to the edges of their territory for high-value customers. Perhaps moving sales boundaries around will make it easier for the team to reach these customers? Or it may even be worth expanding your sales team to fully exploit the opportunities identified?

We`re at stand 2864 and will have a live demo of Vision on display. We`d love to meet you and show what Vision can do for you.

Tel: 01733 314245

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